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Top Procedures For Men: Surgical And Nonsurgical Facial Rejuvenation

2010-12-09 11:04:00

In line with what the American Society of Plastic Surgeons report, the most popular procedures for men are to rejuvenate the face.

According to board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Andrew Wolfe and Dr. Steven Vath at the Center for Cosmetic Surgery (, more men are choosing facial enhancements including BOTOX® Cosmetic and blepharoplasty in Denver. The trend they are seeing in their practice is in line with recent statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

Cosmetic Procedures For Men
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"It is a common misconception that men are more body-focused when it comes to their appearance," notes Dr. Vath. "But the statistics and our experience indicate otherwise. Men frequently choose procedures such as eyelid surgery or a facelift in Colorado at our practice, mirroring the national numbers."

One reason for these statistics may be the real or perceived benefits of looking younger. Some studies indicate that men who appear younger fare better in the job market. Many men feel that maintaining a youthful appearance improves their confidence and gives them an edge in the workplace. "The fact is, we live in a very youth-oriented society," observes Dr. Wolfe. "The face, typically more so than the body, reveals our age, and may affect others' perception of us." Quick, noninvasive solutions to correct the signs of aging may be appealing to men who want a natural result with no downtime.

The longer life span and more active lifestyle of men from the baby boomer generation may explain their inclination toward facial procedures. "Older men today are healthier and fitter – essentially staying younger for longer," says Dr. Wolfe. "We often hear from our male patients that they want their face to reflect that level of energy and vitality." Many of these patients are men who are plagued with heavy eyelids, deep brow furrows and frown lines that make them appear angry or stern. "Restoring a man's refreshed, alert appearance can actually improve his quality of life."

Another explanation for men's interest in facial procedures – particularly the newer, less invasive options – is that the average male is more informed about cosmetic options than in the past. "With increased information, we've seen attitudes about cosmetic procedures relax – particularly among men," states Dr. Vath. Celebrities, pro athletes, and other high profile males are more open about enhancing their facial appearance, which may have helped to de-stigmatize facial procedures for men.

For a host of reasons, men are embracing facial enhancement through surgical and nonsurgical procedures, including laser hair removal and BOTOX® in Denver. Dr. Wolfe concludes, "Whatever their motivation, men are taking control of their looks, and choosing to pay closer attention to their appearance."

Source: PRWEB

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