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Don't Let Tattoo Regret Get You Down

2010-09-01 11:39:00

Rocky Mountain Laser Aesthetics has been nominated for Denver's Channel 7 A-List for the Best in Laser Tattoo Removal Services.

For the second year in a row, Rocky Mountain Laser Aesthetics and its specialty in laser tattoo removal services has been nominated to Denver’s Channel 7 A-List, a consumer-driven depository of products and services hailed as among the city’s best. The increase in popularity of tattoos is rivaled only by the increase in patients seeking to erase the permanent ink, according to Dr. Jeffrey Raval, owner and medical director of Rocky Mountain Laser Aesthetics located in Denver’s tony Cherry Creek North shopping and dining district.

Dr. Jeffrey Raval Rocky Mountain Laser Aesthetics Tattoo Removal
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“We’ve seen a steady increase in patients removing ink with laser treatments since opening our office in Cherry Creek North 3 years ago,” said Raval, MD, FACS. “Often patients will tell us they succumbed to social pressure when they got the tattoo in the first place. Later on, they realize they don’t want their girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s name on their arm once the relationship is ended. Or they cave to another kind of social pressure—job discrimination eliminating tattooed individuals from advancing far up the corporate ladder—and they call to get the tattoo removed.”

While the tattoo fad continues to rage, especially among the young, Denver didn’t make the Top Ten cities for popularity of the body art in a recent survey. According to the website, tattoos are most popular in Los Angeles, Kansas City, Honolulu, San Francisco, Austin Tex., Portland, Ore., Flint, Mich., Richmond, Vir., Las Vegas and Miami. Nevertheless, added Dr. Raval, the plethora of tattoo shops in the Denver area are very busy and statistics show that as many as 20% of tattooed people ultimately end up looking for removal services.

A 2007 article in Smithsonian magazine cited evidence that the world’s oldest known tattoos date back 5,200 years to the Iceman from the Italian-Austrian border. Until that discovery in 1991, the earliest tattoos were thought to be 4000 years old, found on female mummies from northern Egypt. For almost all of that time records show that people were looking for tattoo removal, and for centuries those techniques have centered on painful abrasion.

Laser tattoo removal techniques, using highly sophisticated medical lasers such as those in use at Rocky Mountain Laser Aesthetics, were pioneered and approved by the FDA in the 1990s, and now offer a wide range of those tattooed a relatively painless and short-term permanent solution to a bad choice for the first time in history. The number of times a patient must be treated for tattoo removal depends on the ink color, the skin color and the size of the tattoo. Some tattoos are able to be wholly erased with very little visible remains while others prove to be more of a challenge, particularly because of the patient’s skin tone.

“If I were going to counsel anyone, I’d recommend a temporary henna tattoo over a permanent ink tattoo any day,” said Dr. Raval. “The thing we forget when we see someone like Angelina Jolie on the movie screen is that she’s tended to by a throng of make-up artists who can keep her tattoos covered as any given scene is shot. Regular people don’t have that luxury. By the same token, celebrities have always cheated the edge of the envelope. They dress in extremes and behave in extremes. Tattoos are often perceived as an extension of extremism. Real life is not nearly so tolerant of extremes in anything. Make a permanent decision to wear temporary tattoos, if you must.”

Source: PRWEB

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